Chris Ellis’ mission is to help clients make sense of their current reality, unleash the power to change, and accelerate growth for lasting success. He challenges clients to ask the hard questions and works with them to solve the right problems.

Chris meets clients where they are at. He helps them transcend fear, get unstuck, and leap forward to achieve their goals. Starting with a proven methodology, he customizes his approach for each client to achieve breakthrough results.

Chris has lived and worked in all regions of the country as a senior executive, management consultant, leadership coach, university educator, board adviser, and volunteer mentor. He has collaborated with many enterprises of all types and sizes in the arenas of strategy creation, leadership development, and organization effectiveness.

In his consulting practice, Chris helps leadership teams focus attention, create alignment, and build capability to better execute strategy. In his coaching practice, he helps individuals cultivate inner wisdom for higher impact, greater meaning, and healthier living. In his community practice, he helps diverse groups facilitate future-search experiences to create systemic shared prosperity.

Chris is committed to recovery and active in its community. He mentors men and women in integrating wisdom principles with mindfulness practices to improve overall wellbeing. He has a strong passion for supporting fellow travelers on the journey of personal transformation.

Chris was educated at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and Duke University. He has taught at the university level, spoken at local events and national conferences, and published several books. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.