Chris Ellis was a senior vice president and managing partner with a global consultancy before starting his own firm several years ago. He has lived and worked in Chicago, New York, Raleigh, and Los Angeles. Now located in Saint Paul, his consulting and coaching practice includes both for-profit and nonprofit client organizations, and focuses on serving leaders and teams in professional services, financial services, and health services.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and a Master of Business Administration from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He has taught operations management at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business as an adjunct professor, and has served the Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning as a volunteer tutor and board adviser. He has been a frequent speaker for local organizations as well as national associations on topics relating to strategic leadership and organization effectiveness. And he is the author of several pioneering books including The Enlightened Enterprise and Empowered Leadership.

Chris brings deep insight, passion, and humor to his work and builds long-term relationships with his clients. He often becomes a trusted advisor for both professional and personal growth. In addition to consulting and coaching, he serves on boards, stays active in the recovery community, mentors young professionals, and follows a daily spiritual wisdom practice. He enjoys his sons, dogs, reading, writing, and nature.