We live and work in an age of disruption and distraction that requires new ways of thinking, relating, and leading for ongoing success.

Client Feedback:

“You have helped me create a leadership recipe for lasting success as a chief executive. You are a trusted advisor.”
Managing Partner of financial services firm

“We clarified my beliefs and values as a leader. I am more grounded and prepared for the future. You have a real gift to change lives.”
Executive at healthcare organization

“With your help, we diversified our customer base and delivered more valuable services while increasing productivity and preserving margins.”
Professional services firm

“In the transition to my new role, I’ve reshaped my entire approach to management and leadership. You are a valued partner.”
Operations leader at market research firm

“I was stuck and our work was transformative. Your process was an experience in learning to think differently and lead strategically.”
Director at financial services company

“With your facilitation, we applied the collective wisdom of the workforce to develop speed and agility that is hard for competitors to replicate.”
Energy company

“You have helped me prioritize and execute in changing our business model during a challenging time of great uncertainty.”
–Executive at behavioral health organization

“I have learned to more effectively prioritize my work and collaborate with others, including my manager. You are the boss whisperer!”
Professional at commercial bank

“Very grateful for your honest perspective, calming influence, and professional guidance during my time of need.”
Manager at logistics company

“A heartfelt appreciation for sharing your talents in advising the leadership team on our journey to reinvent the organization.”
Health services company

“You have a unique ability to unpack challenging situations and reframe them in a simple way that leads to consistently positive outcomes.”
Managing Partner of financial services firm

Recent Cases:

Coached the chief executive of a publicly-held property management company in the areas of board engagement, leadership team building, and personal leadership style. 

Partnered with the leadership team of a for-profit clinic system to improve provider utilization, operational efficiency, and patient care. Coached key mid-level care managers.

Launched a new strategy and operating model for a life sciences company that improved product commercialization, optimized supply chain, and increased operating profit.

Guided the multi-year strategy execution for a professional services firm that increased productivity, diversified the client revenue portfolio, and delivered high margins.

Advised senior leaders in a nonprofit health services organization in accelerating growth while staying lean. Coached leaders in finance and clinical operations.